Some Work a Refugee Advocate Does

The Hassan Family is new to Worcester and needed help with hospital interpretation when the mum of the family got sick. She spent nights at the hospital and I was assisting them all those nights, while even not getting enough sleep sometimes. Also I have helped assist the family while their mum is in the hospital, and the major assist they need is emotional support and caring. Shopping and other outside accessories were also on me and I am happy to help them settle to this country.

The Abdikarim family just came from Africa and I have been busy helping them settle in this country. They were looking to find good schools for their children and with the language barrier; I have been translating for them. There were also other activities they needed to take care of, such as paying phone bills, rent and electricity. I assisted and showed them how to take care of these activities for the coming months.

The Yassin family is new family to the United States and has been settling into Worcester. I have been assisting them with finding a school for their children and also showing them around Worcester to become familiar with the important places such shopping malls and bus stations. They Yassin’s also needed help with paying bills and I have tried my best to teach them how to take care of the bills in the future.

New families to Worcester do not get proper guidance and assistance to adapt to their new environment. I suggest an orientation on important places in the city and household management in the first few days. I also see a need for more refugee advocates since the demand is high.


Abdinoor Abdille, African Refugee Advocate, Worcester