Advocacy is our mission, and includes informing undocumented immigrants of their
constitutional rights, hosting vigils for Syrian refugees; speaking engagements to generate awareness of persecution, displacement; community presence, ensuring new Americans have access to free, fluent MBMM advocate.

The advocacy works are implemented by three groups of people. Refugee Advocates and
Cultural Advocates are the train spokesperson and advocates of MBMM among the refugees and cultural groups.

They are trained to deliver MBMM programs and mission. They received a
small amount of stipends for their work. The third and the most important group of people are MBMM volunteers the hands and feet of MBMM mission.


MBMM works at the grassroots level with refugee communities in
the areas of advocacy. Our goal is that refugees seamlessly achieve a path to self-sufficiency,
inclusion, and become active citizens in their new communities. We are active in Somalian,
Congolese, Burmese, Bhutanese, and Iraqi refugee communities in Boston, Lynn, Dorchester,
Lowell, Worcester, and Springfield.
MBMM Refugee Advocates are doing substantial work. They help:

  • form ethnic community groups
  • provide basic living supplies such as household goods, clothing
  • navigate complex American Institutions to obtain services
  • deliver programs to increase refugee self-sufficiency and civic engagement
  • network with civic bodies and churches 
  • provide training on violence prevention, and cultural adjustment
  • serve as conduits between the refugee resettlement agencies and landlords 

They provide invaluable support and services to hundreds of individuals and families in their
target communities.
Our Refugee Advocates are:

1. Mr. Ganesh Gurung, working with Bhutanese refugees
2. Mr. Appollos , working with Burmese refugees
3. Ms. Majida Walker , working with Iraqi, Iranian and Syrian refugees
4. Mr. Abdinoor Abdille working with Congolese, Somalian, Burundian and Liberian


 MBMM believes that cultural diversity is a strength to American
society and ethos that requires recognition, acceptance and celebration. Cultural Advocates seeks to change the conventional ministry of working only with familiar, theological, religious, and cultural models to a preferable intercultural and ecumenical model of ministry. Cultural Advocates harness the strength of each cultural groups in communities.
Cultural Advocates form covenant groups within their own cultural groups for sustaining
excellence in established churches and new immigrant churches and the community to strengthen ethnic and cultural identities and promoting intercultural relations. The goal of each Cultural Advocate is to provide a platform for multicultural learning. Cultural Advocates promote greater participation by Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, African, African American, Haitian, Native American And Portuguese Speaking on all levels of multicultural relations. Their work attempts to do Away with cultural and theological isolation and promote intercultural witness.

MBMM Cultural Advocates are:

1. Rev. Dr. Maung Maung Htwe, Asian
2. Rev. John Bio Asante, African
3. Rev. Dr. Morris Stimage-Norwood, African-American
4. Rev. Cynthia Maybeck, Caucasian
5. Rev. Lucien Myrthil, Haitian
6. Rev. Jackson Oliveira, Portuguese-speaking
7. Rev. Isabel Rivera, Women’s Ministry