Gathering together in welcoming multicultural events that celebrating distinct traditions from around the world to host our annual New American Christmas Party, a summer Multicultural Festival. Celebrating distinctive cultures through: Music, Dance; Art, Cuisines. And working with interfaith groups, inclusion of other faith practices. Additionally, celebration is working with interfaith groups, and inclusion of other faith practices.
MBMM’s intent in Celebration is to bring cultural, theological and religious diversity together for dialogue, mutual learning and growth. It is delivered through informal social gathering such as the Multicultural Festival as well as serious theological and cultural discussions like the Intercultural conference. MBMM is not an activist group of either right or left but is a rather a spiritual movement to promote God’s love across cultures. God’s mission is all about LOVE.

God is Love and Love is God. God send His son because of Love and he gave only one
commandment to love one another as He has loved us. MBMM goal is to replace “I” with God’s love and speak God’s language of love to celebrate humanity, created in his image. The language of love has no accents and rules of grammar. It is a language that every human beings are gifted to speak.

Intercultural Ministry Teams

IMT’s Seek to Change the Conventional Ministry of Working only with Familiar, Theological, Religious, And Cultural Models to a preferable intercultural, ecumenical and interfaith model of ministry. They promote the ministry of hospitality to new immigrant Churches and refugee community and to cultivate intercultural learning experiences for model of inclusion and making bridges.