MBMM has successfully launched an ESL tutor workshop by our ESL Consultant Shari
Friedman. Everyone who receives the training receives a manual to become an ESL tutor.
Teaching English to a language learner is a special opportunity to make big changes to benefit that person's life.

ESL program provide opportunity for sharing and learning native language and culture. Each
tutor become a part of a relationship building with the students that addresses itself to individual needs and encourages personal growth.

Most of the time ESL tutor become student's first real link with the United States and have the chance to gain insight of other cultures. Tutor experience students’ progress and enable students to meet the demands of life in a new country.

Each tutor goal to teach adults the essential literacy skills they will need to function in American society and accomplish this goal by providing them with a series of successful learning experiences. These experiences give students a more positive self-image, based on greater self-confidence and improved competence.

Make every effort to build relationships. MBMM attempt to make tutoring a relaxing and
friendly experience, which create a successful climate for learning. Each tutor takes the time to be both genial and warm and be honest and sincere.

Most important is to encourage the student's feeling of success. Whatever successes tutor help students to achieve will help raise their level of aspiration and strengthen their self-image.

MBMM has two ESL Coordinators:

Mr. Doug Walker ESL Coordinator for Worcester
Ms. Etta Anderson ESL Coordinator for Boston.