The ministry's basis is on four grounding principles:

1.      Theological

  • to share the good news about Jesus Christ with all people and to build the body of Christ
  • to promote the theme “Weaving God’s Love across Cultures”
  • to recognize and lift up the mission and evangelism work in our community and locality


2.      A Ministry of Hospitality

  • to encourage churches in ABC-USA to reach out in our ministry of hospitality to their ethnic neighbors especially with the newcomers (refugees) to our country
  • to identify the needs of newcomers and their ethnic group
  • to develop relationships with the local churches to work with ethnic groups and to raise consciousness overall within the American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts family as to the plight of newly arrived and culturally diverse communities


3.      Ethnic Ministers/Pastors Relations

  • to help ethnic pastors in the process of ministerial standing and ordination in our denomination
  • to conduct ethnic pastors and lay leaders conferences, retreats, workshops and panel discussions
  • to encourage the start of ethnic ministerial groups such as "Together in Ministry"
  • to help ethnic pastors to conform to IRS requirements for clergy filling out forms such as W2 and 1099
  • to educate pastors and churches on health care and retirement plans


4.      A Ministry of Representation

  •  to enroll ethnic pastors and leaders in various Baptist organizations such as Boston Baptist Social Union, American Baptist Women's Ministries,  Camping and Conferencing, Ministers Council and MMBB
  • to empower ethnic churches within ABC-USA to become full participants in the design and implementation of the denomination's mission
  • to encourage participation in United Mission and denominational mission initiatives
  • to recognize the initiative and ministries of various ethnic churches in their locality and internationally in their home country by the denomination