MissionWorks 2018 Event Sponsorship

MBMM works to ensure immigrant and refugee populations establishing themselves in America have the resources to acclimate and thrive in their new environment while facing a number of logistical, cultural, and socio-economic challenges; MBMM is uniquely poised to meet, support, instruct and lead them through. 

This October, together with American Baptist Churches of MA, American Baptist Churches of RI, Center for Career Development and Ministry, Conference of Baptist Ministers of MA, Massachusetts Baptist Charitable Society, Massachusetts Baptist Multicultural Ministries, Northern Baptist Education Society we will co-host: 

MissionWorks 2018

Embracing Hospitality Conference 

DoubleTree Hilton in Leominster, MA 

October 11-13

Our shared goal is to bridge diversity, promote the ministry of hospitality, and to cultivate intercultural learning experiences.

We imminently need, and are asking for your help! This three day conference costs $300 to attend, could you help us defray this cost for some of our delegates? With your sponsorship, it is our fervent hope that regardless of capacity to pay, any new American with personal or professional objectives may share in this conference and use it to co-create places of refuge and respect for strangers by building bridges across racial, theological, religious and cultural divides.

This year we humbly ask your support to meet this need:

  • Trailblazer Sponsor ~ $6,000 provides 20 new Americans with full registration
  • Legacy Sponsor ~ $3,000 provides 10 new Americans with full registration
  • Visionary Sponsor ~ $1,500 provides 5 new Americans with full registration
  • Innovator Sponsor ~ $600 provides 2 new Americans with full registration
  • Individual Sponsor ~ $300 provides 1 new American with full registration

New American participation in the MissionWorks 2018 Conference is a critical facet for presenting the stories that compel change, growth. Fulfilling the vision of Embracing Hospitality will require extraordinary gifts. 

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