MBMM to Me

I’m fairly new with my close involvement with the Massachusetts Baptist Multicultural Ministries as the current secretary of the Board, although I was well aware of its existence since its inception. I find my involvement provides an enriching and many times inspiring experience. Participating in a Multicultural Festival, witnessing the baptism of new believers in Lost Lake, packing bags with essential items for newcomers to our country...how can we not feel Christ in our midst? “I was a stranger and you invited me in.” (Matthew 25:35)

As a former foreign language and English as a Second Language teacher, I’ve seen young people struggling with a new culture and a new language. To have the support of a caring, faith-based community like MBMM is of im- mense help during those beginning months of transition for our new citizens. MBMM’s strengths are in its strong, caring leadership and the support of advocates who can identify with the challenges that their constituency is facing.

In a few short years MBMM has become an important part of our Baptist family in Massa- chusetts and a model for other regions. Would that the financial resources may continue to reflect the good that’s being accomplished!

Marilyn Glover
Secretary, MBMM