Student Refugee Saved by Arabic Advocate

Hind Abdulhussein, aka Lara, an Iraqi refugee (now age 16), came to America in December 2013 with her two sisters, ages 37 and 38, and her niece Noor Alzubaidi, (now age 13) and a young nephew, Ahmed. Lara, Noor, and Ahmed were put in Worcester's NCC school (New Citizen Center) allegedly to learn English (all speak perfect English). This school had an older (age 18) Hispanic student in the same classes who started beat- ing up Lara (because he didn't like Iraqis), pushing her down the stairs and then stomping her on the floor. She ended up in UMass Hospital with severe injuries.

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Advocate Majida Walker went to the Worcester school administration office and fought to pull Lara and the others out before things got worse. The administration did not want to remove them because their NCC experiment would look bad. Majida did not give up and persisted. Finally the administration relented after being threatened with lawsuits, and all three were put in much better schools where they are thriving and learning again. Without Majida's persistent help, who knows what would have happened.