Apply Now To Become a Funded Intercultural Ministry Team!

Massachusetts Baptist Multicultural Ministries (MBMM) is working to change the conventional ministry of working only with familiar, theological, religious, and cultural models to the preferable intercultural and ecumenical model of ministry. In order to develop and model a dialogical practice to ministry, the program called Intercultural Ministry Team will seek to fulfill the call of Ephesians 4:15, “speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into Him who is the head, into Christ.” We will implement this by developing theologically and culturally diverse communities of practice in which both lay and clergy participate.

The Intercultural Ministry Team (IMT) is a program of MBMM to promote the ministry of hospitality to new immigrant churches and to cultivate intercultural learning experiences for ministry. The program seeks to form covenant groups for sustaining ministerial excellence in established churches and new immigrant churches to strengthen ethnic and cultural ministry while promoting intercultural relations.

The IMT will:

  • Comprise a minimum of 6 people from different ethnic and cultural groups and preferably from different theological perspectives
  • Overcome ministers’ sense of personal, professional, and cultural isolation
  • Enrich ministers’ perspectives of themselves regarding their ethnic and cultural identities, their styles
  • of ministries, challenges, and opportunities of ministries in their congregations
  • Provide a supportive network of peers from different cultures who will pray for one another
  • Offer opportunities for disciplined focus through specific study on a theme, book, or any topic that
  • might be of interest for intercultural learning
  • Create a climate for checking in and mutual accountability and respect
  • Enhance the current network of MBMM to become more intercultural
  • Covenant to meet at least 5 times in one calendar year

The IMT will contribute toward transformation of MBMM ethos that values diversity, and will create valuing of relational intercultural ministry not as an addition to busy schedules but as integral to the work.

Each approved IMT will receive up to $1500 to cover expenses of the IMT meetings. If an IMT is formed through a local church/organization as an overseer, then the check will be mailed to that church or organization. If the group has a facilitator and wants to receive the monies by an individual person as facilitator, MBMM would need the social security number of the facilitator and would issue a 1099 at the end of the year.