MBMM VOLUNTEERS: Most of the MBMM mission is implemented by dedicated volunteers who are committed to make difference in their own respective programs. Currently there are six programs that are run twice a week in delivering various services that are supported by our volunteers.

These are:

1. Adult Literacy Program for Arabic Speaking on Tuesday and Thursday 64 Laurel Street,
Worcester, Four Volunteers each week for 2 hours each.
2. Citizenship Class, for Bhutanese in Worcester 6 volunteer teacher each week for 2 hours
3. In house ESL Teaching by Bob and Debra Eaton twice a week to Kurdish family. The
husband is paraplegic so MBMM volunteers teach ESL to husband and wife and help
three young children with school work.
4. After School Tutoring Lowell, MBMM Refugee Advocate Apollos Saw recruit 6
volunteers for each day helping 20 students three times a week. Each week the program
employs 18 volunteers.
5. ESL Somerville Community Baptist Church: MBMM trained ESL tutors including Rev.
David Lee and five more Volunteer tutors teach ESL three time a week to 30 students
every week.
6. ESL Program Alston: Ms. Etta Anderson MBMM ESL coordinator for Boston recruited 5
volunteer of ESL teacher and teach ESL every Tuesday and Thursday.
Apart from the above mentioned ongoing programs there are few other significant ministries
being implemented through volunteers for our work with refugee and immigrant community.

White Cross: 55 American Baptist Churches from Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont donated gifts for New American Christmas amounting to $12904. Most of the churches delivered the gift to MBMM office by their volunteers. We can not track how many volunteers have done the shopping and do the packing. We count 5 volunteers for 55 churches it would come around 25 volunteers of at least in hour each.

Local Churches and Organizations: We received in kind donation from 7 local churches and
two organization worth $6270. Each of these donations are also made by our volunteers.
MBMM Fundraiser Banquet, Multicultural Festival, MBMM Annual Meeting and New
American Christmas: These were the 4 major events of MBMM in 2017-2018 and in all these
events there were many MBMM volunteers who made all these events a great success. In Fund

Raiser we had 30 volunteers who help set up, clean up, collect auction items and drive people
who needed ride. During the Multicultural Festival we had four volunteers who worked for two days distributing flyers and pasting it the flyers in several prime locations. We also had 20 volunteers who helped set up and clean up, manned several food stations, games, bouncy etc. In the same way we had 8 volunteers during our Annual meeting for set up and clean up. For new American Christmas we had over 60 volunteers who helped packed and load to the two Uhaul truck of 660 gift bags for 4 hours and on the next two days we had over 20 volunteers each for setting up, clean up, giving away gifts, etc for Worcester and Lowell Party. All these would not have been successful without MBMM volunteers who is always willing to help always headed by our chief volunteers the MBMM Board of Directors.