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Founded in 2007, MBMM has met the diverse needs of new Americans with a spirit of radical hospitality.

Arriving in the United States of America as an immigrant or refugee is unlike arriving in your country of origin. Whether by choice or otherwise, this often presents new Americans with numbers of cultural, linguistic, practical and socio-economic challenges.

Our Mission

Incorporated in 2010, Massachusetts Baptist Multicultural Ministry’s mission is simple, we call it our ‘ACE’: to advocatecelebrate, and empower the new American by helping with critical needs like translating, helping file state, federal, employment, legal and health care documents, provide ESL training, and after-school programs, and opening opportunities to create a context celebrating diversity and inclusion to share their respective cultures and traditions.

MBMM provides critical services to over 3,000 immigrants and refugees each year.
— Barbara Drausche, President, Board of Directors

What We've Achieved

  • 65 refugee children received after-school tutoring help three times a week during the school calendar.

  • 20 refugee families from Iraq, Syria and Somalia received emergency help such as providing transportation for critical medical care, first aid care, etc.

  • Refugee Advocates report that nearly 80% of those served have never had a formal education in their lifetime.

  • Volunteers donate over 150 hours each week to support MBMM’s Mission in everything we do!

  • 15 churches partner in charitable giving regularly from their local mission budget to MBMM

  • 57 White Cross women’s groups/churches contribute to the MBMM New Americans Christmas gift drive

  • 600 refugee families (Burmese, Bhutanese, Tunisian, Iraqi and Somalian) received Christmas gifts from MBMM

  • 80 people from seven MBMM caucuses participated in the MBMM Annual Meeting

  • Each week 50 individuals receive services from MBMM in our three locations of ESL, Worcester, Somerville and Alston.

  • Refugee Advocates serve 15 individual each week Citizenships Class and Driver’s Education.

  • Our Refugee Advocates and Cultural Advocates helped nearly 3,700 new Americans

  • ESL Program meets in: Worcester, Somerville and Alston with great success

  • ESL Tutor Trainings have trained over 80 ESL tutors who teach ESL in their local communities and Churches.

  • Assisted over 700 families by providing, blankets, winter clothing, toiletries, school supply through ongoing donation and New American Christmas Parties.

  • 36 pastors mentored through ordination process.

  • 24 pastors mentored in establishing local ethnic churches.

  • Around 65 pastors/local churches are now actively participating in MBMM initiatives of multicultural ministry.