Massachusetts Baptist Multicultural Ministries is an organization that strives to bridge the different ethnic churches to American Baptist Churches USA and to foster greater ties within the denomination. Former President of United States Jimmy Carter once said, "We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams." Similarly, MBMM's objective is to recognize this diversity and to celebrate its great offerings within the whole mission of the church.


This ministry gives voice to the voiceless, refugees, minorities, and undocumented immigrants. It is a prophetic ministry of representation. It organizes awareness and sensitization programs on issues that are faced by minority groups. The areas of advocacy for minority groups includes their voice or presence in institutions, religious denominations, civic bodies, etc. The ministry also involves working with pastors toward ordination and connecting new emerging ethnic churches with established churches or denomination.

Conversation & Education

This ministry provides a platform and navigates conversation and dialog among the immigrant churches. It is not prescriptive, but rather witnesses one’s passionate faith and testimony with love. It provides opportunity to listen and hear different voices from the immigrant communities. It also pertains to multicultural issues such as theological, generational, ethnic, and nationality diversities. Ongoing educational programs on such topics take place throughout the year. The first focus is on intercultural issues and different theologies and worship styles. To this end, MBMM hosts intercultural conferences.

Celebration of Diversity & Networking

The primary goal of this ministry is to rec- ognize and embrace diversities in the MBMM family. Celebration of diversity is not to relativize the plurality, but rather to engage in genuine Christian fellowshipaccepting each other’s differences with love and respect. The committee will work to pro- vide practical tools for networking within the tapestry of multicultural ministries. It could also be a resource in sharing of church space and contracts/covenants. The annual Multi- cultural Festival falls into this category, and this committee will plan for the event possibly forming a sub-committee. The Multicultural Festival has been an informal way for all of the ethnic groups to relate to each other. Expanding the network of MBMM to partner organizations will be another important priority.