Massachusetts Baptist Multicultural Ministries exists as an intentional ministry to celebrate diversity, provide hospitality to refugees and immigrant churches, guide ethnic pastors in the ordination process, facilitate cultural adjustments, provide appropriate support and assistance to refugees and immigrant communities, and create a platform for intra– and inter- cultural dialogue. Ethnocentrism seeks to divide us, but followers of Jesus have a message of peace, friendship, hospitality and hope for our neighbors. We must affirm the fact that God loves all people and that He wants us to love each other.

Thank you to all who participated in the MBMM Multicultural Festival on July 22. We are especially grateful for the generous space provided by UU Urban Ministry, sponsorship from Eastern Bank, and festive decorations from Balloons Over Boston. Thank you also to our wonderful performers and volunteers. 

MBMM is pleased to announce that the 2017 Multicultural Festival is sponsored in part by a generous donation from Eastern Bank.

MBMM is pleased to announce that the 2017 Multicultural Festival is sponsored in part by a generous donation from Eastern Bank.


MBMM has two intentional programs to implement intercultural ministries: Cultural Ministry Advocates (CMA) and Intercultural Ministry Teams (IMT).

  • Cultural Ministry Advocates: CMA’s promote greater participation by Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, African, African American, Haitian, Native American and Portuguese speaking churches on all levels of multicultural ministries. Their work attempts to do away with cultural and theological isolation and promote intercultural witness.
  • Intercultural Ministry Teams:  IMT’s seek to change the conventional ministry of working only with familiar, theological, religious, and cultural models to a preferable intercultural, ecumenical and interfaith model of ministry. They promote the ministry of hospitality to new immigrant churches and to cultivate intercultural learning experiences for ministry.


MBMM works at the grassroots level with refugee communities in the areas of advocacy and assistance. MBMM:

  • Helps form a self-help ethnic community group
  • Provides basic living supplies such as household goods, clothing, etc.
  • Navigates complex American Institutions in obtaining services
  • Employs Refugee Advocates, delivers programs to increasing refugees' self-sufficiency and civic engagement, and networks with civic bodies and churches
  • Teaches practical skills
  • Provides training on violence prevention, cultural adjustment, etc.
  • Serves as a conduit between the refugee resettlement agencies and landlords

Our goal is that refugees seamlessly achieve a path to self-sufficiency, inclusion, and become active citizens in their new communities. We are active in Somalian, Congolese, Burmese, Bhutanese, and Iraqi refugee communities in Lynn, Dorchester, Lowell, Worcester, and Springfield.


MBMM advocates to bring greater awareness of unrecognized leaders in churches and civic bodes and providing opportunities for relationship building, partnership, leadership development and fund-raising. This includes work to:

  • Develop leadership skills in multicultural contexts through increased multicultural awareness and communication
  • Enhance awareness of issues and develop skills in cross-cultural counseling and pastoral care in a multiethnic, multicultural environment
  • Understand cultural and contextual specifics of human development
  • Teach Baptist Theology and Polity and shepherd through ordination processes in ABCUSA
  • Emphasize the lifelong learners’ principle for leadership development for effective implementation of ministry in current context


                    Generous Sponsors of the 8th Annual Friends of MBMM Banquet

                    Generous Sponsors of the 8th Annual Friends of MBMM Banquet